Label: Firebox Records
Release: 2005
By: Dunja
Rating: 6/10
Time: 76:34
Style: Funeral Doom
URL: Pantheist

With their label debut O Solitude at the propably most established label for doom-highlights PANTHEÏST could really impress me in 1993, so it was a duty for me also to check out the follower Amartia, hoping that another masterpiece would be offered to me.

Amartia is a concept-album that deals with the seven deadly sins, what can be heard within the rather sacral musical appereance. Again the dragging, towing parts that can drive one or another into insanity reign, again the band tries to press a sea full of sadness and melancholy into one CD, again the feeling of despair is imposingly arranged . Although the album can`t really tie up to the forerunner, whereupon I can`t really edge down to tell what it lacks of. One reason may be, that here the band didn’t work as complex as on O Solitude, and so it lacks of variety, that adds to the fact, that no real atmosphere can be built up, especially when the album lasts for 77 minutes. Of course Doom isn’t the kind of music, whose masterpieces are stamped by variety, although I can’t really find another reason why the spark, that the band once aroused, can`t really jump over here. It`s a pity, but all I can do is hoping that the next album will have more effect on me.