2016-07-28 DE – Hönnetalhalle Balve
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Alvenrad - Mirna’s Fling - The Good Hand

After heavy raining and annoying hotel issues (hotel on demand, waiting for everything, seems to be the new trend), I though went quite relaxed to the Hönnetalhalle. It’s the concert evening of the :: Trollmusic :: label, featuring three of its label bands, all from the Netherlands. Doors opened at 5 pm for everybody who wanted to exchange ticket against wristband and wanted to see new and amazing bands.

:: Pics :: Trollmusic Concert Night ::

All beginnings are difficult. When I snuck in the hall was almost empty, but step by step fans arrived. The good thing is that the PROPHECY PRODUCTIONS boss himself serves beer and grilled sausages to the fans, before the “helping hands” take over. Elizabeth is the first one I met, coming all the way from Clifton Virginia to be part of the fest. All three bands I didn’t know and also did not deal with prior the festival. I just wanted to experience them unprejudiced. Worked out fine ;)

The clock struck 7 – may the ritual begin. The stage was lovely decorated with anatomic torsos, a wild boar head and an overly prissy fence. So typical club house style of a gun club *lol*. And then I got confused. I saw 2 bands instead of announced 3. And I did not drink. Some investigation later (at night in the hotel) I finally got it. :: MIRNA’S FLING :: is the singer/songwriter project of Arjan Hoekstra, live accompanied by Dennis Edelenbosch ob bass and Ingmar Regeling on drums. All three musicians also play in :: THE GOOD HAND ::. So, tonight we got a set of both bands, a mix of 70s Rock, Psychedelic, powerful Stoner Rock and rather quiet singer/songwriter compositions. I liked many of the songs, from both bands. And I really liked the voice of Arjan Hoekstra, which is wonderfully alterable. Sound was great and created a special atmosphere. The guys made it.
Setlist: Remain, World Of Make Believe, Goodbye, Winter’s Breeze, Lost In Light, Impermanence Of P, What Is Real, Truth, Ghost, Evolution Revolution, Borderride, Anthem, The Death Of The Real

Next up is :: ALVENRAD ::, a live world premiere as a band (some of its members we just could see playing live ;)). Frontman and guitarist Mark Kwint was visibly nervous. No need, no goof, everything went smooth. The hall is nicely filled, approx. 150, 180 people, all of them welcoming the bands with much enthusiasm. Keyboard player Jasper Strik could have moved a little bit more and step outside the shadows of his instrument ;)
Setlist: X, Raven, Foreest in Tweelicht, X, Minnescheme, Omheid, Zwartwildernis

The pre-evening ended quite early. Fans stayed for while, having the one and the other beer, eating grilled stuff and having chats. Rain had stopped and the air was fresh and clear, not too cold and showing us the first stars. Such a beautiful and serene evening. I was wondering what the neighbors think about the tones and melodies they might have heard out of the hall, since the hall is located in the middle of a housing area. Well, it then was about time to leave to get some sleep and to get prepared for the official festival weekend ;)


story & pics © Dajana & Dajana Winkel • Photography