XENESTHIS – Thou Shalt Not

Label: Come Clean Records
Release: May 14 2011
By: Stormlord
Rating: 8/10
Time: 42:01
Style: Modern Metal
URL: Xenesthis

XENESTHIS present an eerie album in groovy, catchy and melodic manner. The fine instrumental and vocal efforts do not cause melancholy at all, despite the aroused dark mood. Singer Katrin operates far away from enervating warbling-regions in convenient pitches and attaches a self-reliant touch to her performance with the help of headstrong phrasing during the opener Alecto. The replicated words care for recognition value, but the nicely elaborated melody lines are not at all inferior. Obviously, the guitarists know how to play, but they do not overact with ego-trips, but enrich the songs. Cool measure changes and parts to bang heads spice up the alternating tune Fool, ere many melodic guitar leads fight against the aggressive prevailing mood during Ashes Of Affection. Later on, in course of Raised Fist Armed, I trip over some core-elements caused by a male voice and mosh-parts. Likewise offensive the quintet unleashes United In Chaos and I think that this mixture could really light a spark live on stage. Finally, the punch line Sand Through Hands combines oppressive chords, a nice guitar solo and unerring vocals to sum up to dignified finale. 
Recapitulatory, the ten songs on Thou Shalt Not care for full contentment because of appropriate heaviness, felicitous guitar work, some fine refrains and the really successful vocal performance.