TORTURE  – Winter
Label: self-financed
Release: March 8 2004
By: Jessie
Points: 8
Time: 35:49
Style: Thrash Metal
URL: Torture
Let me say this before I get into the review here. Since this band has not really established any history on them we far as press related subjects or things of that matter I had to say little is known about TORTURE. Well for me this is an added bonus for it gives me the desire of wanting to know more about them (Sorry, it’s my failure. I should have translated some basic info. TORTURE are hailing from the South of Germany, a city called Wuerzburg and were been around since 5 years – Cal). Upon receiving TORTURE’s very first release Winter I was skeptical to their sound giving the cover elements remind me of Type O Negative’s inner art work of October Rust. But lone behold what I was in for as I heard the track that did me in called Suicide giving some melodic thrusts with firm timing corresponding with ambient beats of the rhythm division. Guitar workings on the last track of The North echoes the doom feel as the voices of Mario Dressler & Philip Mayer combine an on front of vocal grandeur while Alexander Dietz pounds raw tempos while meantime Maria Krebs fills the emotional bass construction.

Adding all the elements united TORTURE has sometime that remains apparent. A group that strives with good recording while not trying to be something they are not. Up front raw natural talent is where I give TORTURE major points in. A job well done!