PUNISH – Sublunar Chaos
Label: Apostasy Records
Release: September 2 2013
By: Stormlord
Rating: 7/10
Time: 48:41
Style: Technical Death/Thrash Metal
URL: Punish

It’s quite a thin line to find the balance between technical finesse and traceability, but PUNISH combine these two contrasts on Sublunar Chaos in felicitous manner.
From the first second on, the powerful sound blows out of the speakers – there is no time for an atmospheric introduction and Incipit Chaos is unleashed without warning. Complex drumming and hefty grooves go together and some melodic sounds found their way into the song’s structure additionally. Sometimes, the guitar solos are quite unloading like the one during Sublunar Black. I think the guitarists listened to Chuck Schuldiner for a few times fortunately.
The oftentimes rapid tracks get a complex touch because of numerous measure changes. In some cases, the musicians give us the chance to catch breath and throttle speed for a little while. Consequently, it can be quite difficult to find the thread, caused by many turns and weird fret-board capers.     
All ingredients like light-speed-attacks, hymnal solos and deadly grooves flow harmoniously in course of the track Notorious Deathdealer. We cannot find any experiments like clear vocals or modern elements for the time being. PUNISH offer steamhammer-Tech-Death with a marginal dose of melodic percentage right in time. Arise From The Ambush is an example for overwhelming speed, drowning the harmonious aspect for a bigger part. For me, the band acts in one-dimensional style, the melodies are held in the background, but attach needed harmonies to songs like Future Repeats. I stand in astonishment while listening to the fret-board artists playing virtuously, but we cannot hope for aesthetic passages or memorable refrains. The final acoustic hammer Under Despotic Flag is also dominated by furious tempo and playful guitars, transporting that ounce of harmony.
Ultimately, I remember many fierce riff attacks, steamrolling drums, numerous guitar solos, some effective grooves and bulky measure changes. All friends of complexity will be satisfied totally, whereas this wrecking ball seems to be stodgy for those addicted to harmony.