MINDREAPER – Mirror Construction – A Disordered World

Label: Black Sunset/MDD Records
Release: June 8, 2018
By: Stormlord
Rating: 8.5/10
Time: 45:53
Style: Death/Thrash Metal
URL: Mindreaper

Wonderfully straightforward and equipped with a lot of adrenaline, MINDREAPER pepper ten pieces around our ears, which oscillate between Thrash and Death Metal. Sympathetically and striving for variety, we stumble across a multitude of smart guitar licks and well-placed beat changes, which give the music a discreetly complex note despite the constant drive forward. The opener Enigma therefore seems a bit inaccessible and bulky, but after the initial difficulties, some pearls unfold on this album.
As far as voices are concerned, I notice the alternate vocals of the tight breaker Bull’s Eye positively; also the more melodic orientation of Mirror Artifacts evokes benevolent reactions on my part. Grooving passages and successful solos cause thumbs up. Heavy and threatening, the apocalyptic dark work Stillborn God pushes out of the speakers with cool speed gradations in a quite modern, mechanical and martial manner. Rhythm-focused, the multi-layered highlight Purity Of Wrath marches triumphantly into the ear canals like a cumbersome colossus with beats weighing tons and discreetly symphonic background music as well as uncomfortably biting guitar motifs.
Passage To Extinction offers finest straight thrash, catchy staccato grooves, finely twisted leads and two-part vocal passages. The magnificent opening riff of Against The Flood immediately puts the switch in the emotional cerebellum into the delightful mode and the incredibly stomping, aggressive rhythm moves the neck muscles in a violent manner - a strong chorus makes the pumping acoustic direct hit complete! Beautiful guitar melodies also refresh us during New Age Tyranny, which is enhanced by shimmering voices, lively solos and the extremely gentle ending. Clear guitars and restrained vocals characterize the half ballad Story Of Rejection along with relaxed galloping rhythms. The acoustic finale is provided by the powerful Torch’s Fall with accentuated breaks, phat grooves and a variable singing performance.
MINDREAPER find the right mixture of pressing severity, subtle modern influences and harmonious finesse. That is why there are many refinements to discover on this work, if you only scratch the surface!