Label: self-produced
Release: December 21, 2017
By: Stormlord
Rating: 6.5/10
Time: 40:19
Style: Black/Death Metal
URL: In Shadows And Dust
IN SHADOWS AND DUST is a one-man-show, because the solo entertainer Stephane Thirion operates all instruments and creates a dense sound in mostly fast-paced tempo. Only at the introduction A Fleur De Peau, the multi-instrumentalist takes a calm approach, but in the further arrangement, sawing Entombed/Dismember/Grave sound reigns supreme, peppered with a bunch of successful shredder melodies. Most of the time, however, the passionate Frenchman tries to wreck the world with musical means, but doesn't forget handy leads and simply barked refrains as barbs like in course of the tune called Hate. Energetic debris rhythms alternate with melodic guitars and enter an interesting competition. The songs are short, compact and to the point, without any frills the sledgehammer reigns, which Mr. Thirion unfortunately forces to circle in a too one-dimensional way. Aggression without dynamic is tiring, so that I am really happy about short, rhythmically accentuated bars in Take My Soul or the thoughtful orchestra part during Storm Of Revenge. In principle, the material hacks so much that the plaster at the neighbour's walls crumbles down.
Pressure and speed are essential for a metal album, but this permanent fire has too little variance or contrast effect to captivate over a longer distance. If you like to have your ears shot for 40 minutes, you are well served with this album!