INFERNAL POETRY – Nervous System Checking EP
Label: Red Skies Society
Release: March 2008
By: the.wangacopta
Rating: 4/10
Time: 13:26
Style: Schizo Death Metal
URL: Infernal Poetry

Years ago there were shirts sold printed with „I am schizophrenic – me too“… And it seems that the remainders were bought by INFERNAL POETRY completely and worn out while the recordings to Nervous System Checking. Founded back in 1996 the four Italians stir in the Metal jar by now, coming up with their fourth release a pretty unorthodox and wicked piece of music is dished. I ignore indigestible consciously, one mustn’t eat everything finally! Nervous System Checking is really told out of two perspectives. The mix out of Death and Thrash Metal is enhanced time and time again by mental badly tattered guitar work, breaks and harmonies. Some call it innovative, other – including me – says “musically not outstanding valuable”. The catchy character isn’t given anymore of course, the straight kick-ass feeling is nipped in the bud and what remains after a full cycle is this thought: “thank god I am healthy!”. I pick “Thank God” up again: at least the structures of each song are comprehensible mostly and aren’t chopped completely. This brings INFERNAL POETRY sufficient four points in total when rating the perfect dinner.