GIANT SLEEP – Move A Mountain

Label: Eucalypdisk Records
Release: May 26, 2017
By: Dajana
Rating: 7.5/10
Time: 51:32
Style: Stoner/Post Rock
URL: Giant Sleep

Wonderful tremolo picking and discreetly Prog-driven guitar melodies meet gruff Stoner Rock vocals - that’s 12 Monkeys, the opening track of Move A Mountain, the sophomore effort of German/Swiss outfit GIANT SLEEP. An unusual mixture of styles yet one that immediately charms the listener.
To confuse a little bit more a pure Stoner Rock smasher follows, without even a whiff of a Post Rock attitude. Instead, some Blues references can be found. And then, on the next one, the Post Rock guitars appear again, showing its beauty in the 11 minute epic Forever Under Ground. It is such a stunning track.
Move A Mountain is a musical roller coaster, changing between those both extremes. High-low dynamics the different way. While the Post Rock tracks are melancholy-draped and epic wide, like the awesome Love Your Damnation, which should turn out to be the band’s hymn, the Stoner parts of the record are short and dirty, heavy pounding and add a little ass-kick for variety.
GIANT SLEEP try their best not to be too predictable in their changing game but I got their number.
At the end it is exactly those Post Rock driven tracks that leave a bigger impact on the listener and mark the development of the band, compared to the 2014 released self-titled debut, which is a Doom-tinged Stoner Rock crusher with only a few unobtrusive Post Rock leanings.
For a first check try out one of the two epics: Forever Under Ground and Love Your Damnation. Can’t decide, which appeals most. Great record!