Label: Rockstar Records
Release: May 4, 2013
By: Stormlord
Rating: 9/10
Time: 46:29
Style: Melodic Death Metal
URL: Orpheus Omega

ORPHEUS OMEGA’s interpretation of Death Metal comes across in refreshing, aggressive and highly melodic manner. The group combines tradition and pinches of modern sounds in very demanding style and adds some experimental elements.

A nice amount of egregious, partly twin-layer melodies shows up in course of ResIllusion, I really like the hymnal opening of Corridors, combined with fast-as-an-arrow fret board acrobatics to form a zestful contrast. Discreet keyboard adoptions enrich the opulent sound, but the guitars dominate clearly. During the more epic track The Abhorrent, some staccato rhythms care for an impelling concert atmosphere. The refrain is presented in vocal duality; a slightly modern keyboard carpet is unreeled, so that a very positive overall effect finally enthuses. The one or other breather boosts the dynamics, proved by the contained keyboard melody at the end of Elegant Deceit. In contrast, the speedy title song ResIllusion is unleashed in blistering fast style including quite a lot of guitar playfulness.
Do you like something out of the line? You’ll get the extravagant vocal arrangements of De6enerate, which also lets you listen up with some strings’ sounds. In this case, the chorus finds its way into the auditory canals in harmonious but not all too catchy way. This tactics is exemplary for the complete release, because we do not sweet refrains or constructed songs – only merciless, but heart-warming, partly hymnal Death Metal with rapid melodies is the commandment.
The Hypocrisy, a fine tune known from the first MCD, leaves its traces in spiced version with the help of clattering drums and subliminal fluke-lyrics. The band’s fractious energy is overwhelming! A while later, a wonderful singing guitar lead flashes through the song structure of Fragments; Archways offers fast-paced riffing, enthralling vocals and a calm outro, ere the Australians show their aggressive side and set an uncompromising punch line with Windfall.

ORPHEUS OMEGA release decent pressure, without forgetting about felicitously placed reprieves; thereby the dynamic flow is not broken fortunately and the band sets its focus on straight Metal with long-term-effect and avoids clumsy claptrap. The result: no obvious direct hits, but a lot of joy in listening to these very sympathetic musicians!