MORS PRINCIPIUM EST – …And Death Said Live
Label: AFM Records
Release: December 14 2012
By: Stormlord
Rating: 8.5/10
Time: 46:18
Style: Melodic Death Metal
URL: Mors Principium Est

I was never disappointed by MORS PRINCIPIUM EST - and this fact does not change with the actual work. The cool, vehement style of these Finns is dominated by first-class guitar work, and the musicians add some restrained modern influences to spice up their sound.
At first I have to say that I miss catchy and immediately touching pieces on this record for the present. The firm chords and the wild presentation push forward irresistibly after the contained introduction The Awakening, as the band starts in hit-and-run style with the track Departure, whereby I really enjoy the playful guitar lines from the first second on. Fortunately, the guys got the right touch for a break right in time; they throttle speed and the keyboard stands in the foreground for a while to get crushed by powerful guitar riffing anew. The group abstains from ostensible refrains and the long-term-effect profits because of this tactics.
A while later, MORS PRINCIPIUM EST act in more hymnal style during I Will Return and hit the bull’s eye again. Concerning the voice, there are no experiments like clear vocals – the raspy-throaty-scratchy style adds some aggressiveness. I come across some modern pinches in course of Birth Of The Starchild, but the use happens in well-dosed and therefore enriching manner.
In all, the breathers are quite short whilst the compositions Bringer Of Light and Ascension, the listener can lean back for some minutes during the theatrical interplay …And Death Said Live. The piano introduces the tune Destroyer Of All and the harsh riffing is unleashed all the more intensely. In this case, I appreciate the quite dark sung chorus as well as the hymnal prevailing mood. What The Future Holds shows a tendency towards Black Metal, ere it ends in epic style. Same is true for the acoustic punch line Dead Winds Of Hope.
A lot of fret board acrobatics dominate this release till the end and the listener should like breath-taking instrumental rollercoaster rides. Besides, you can live with discreet modern effects and missing catchy refrains? Well, then you will be rewarded with a bunch of steam-hammer songs!