WALTARI – Life Without Love (Single)
Label: Vielklang
Release: December 15 2003
By: Medion
Rating: -/-
Time: 11:21
Style: Crossover
URL: Waltari
The sword of Damokles is hanging threateningly above “Finland’s Finest”, WALTARI. After an almost five year long abstinence the weirdest metal band Europe’s returns and wants to prove that they still can be counted on in the new millennium. 5 years is quite a long period, especially when the last official studio-album Radium Round wasn’t a big hit either. With Life Without Love they therefore put out a single EP just in time for Xmas that will be followed by a longplayer in February. But the result leaves me a bit helpless. Especially the title-track of this 3-song-single doesn’t fill me with enthusiasm, doesn’t offer the typical WALTARI-feeling at all and sounds more like a b-side track. On the other side One Day – already spinning in the Finnish charts – is a cool rocker and reminds me of Big Bang’s Atmosfear. Here everything fits perfectly and you recognize the costly production, though the track itself spreads no innovation at all. But since it is a radio-compatible track I will get over it. Eventually Billy Gould (ex-Faith No More) has done a remix for Life Without Love which is a quite boring affair without heights or depths.
I am very curious what the new album will be about. This single EP, however, is for die-hard-fans only...