Label: Trollzorn Records
Release: August 19, 2022
By: Stormlord
Rating: 8.5/10
Time: 45:40 + 45:50
Style: Black/Post Metal
URL: Träumen von Aurora

Creativity has struck, because TRÄUMEN VON AURORA release two albums at the same time and can deliver over 90 minutes of exciting, peculiar and multi-layered quality. When diving into the opulent sound world, the removal of any stylistic blinkers seems very helpful. Here the band experiments blithely and offers a colorful mix that challenges the listener. Many small pieces of the puzzle interlock: moderate black metal, dreamy post rock, variable vocals and wonderfully gliding melodies.
The extravagant singing will divide the spirits, because especially the avant-garde clear vocals are definitely not for everyone's ears. I really like the combination of hissing, whispering, heroic timbre and everything in between, but at the same time, it slays me because of the diversity. Therefore, it is pleasant when the musicians present far-reaching instrumental passages, which let the thoughts wander and progressive flair arise.
At times, the music seems like a spectacle, when the theatricality breaks through strongly. Supporting the opulence, light-footed piano melodies blink through again and again, on the other hand harsh rhythms as contrasts break up the dreamy elegance appropriately, so that one is sent on a varied musical journey between relaxation and heavier elements. On the "white" album, there seems to be much more room for instrumental debauchery. There, the quartet lets off steam completely; especially in the opulent finale ...Kann Eines Lichtes Flackern Trüben, which with the introduction Nicht Alle Dunkelheit Der Welt... represents a musical framework or a content bracket of the two works and virtually builds a bridge from the beginning to the end.
Moreover, the optical design should be emphasized, because the black/white or light/dark aesthetics are able to depict the two-fold and yet congruent effect of both albums well.
Luna appears more dynamic in its entirety, plays more with contrasts, because here different emotions such as anger, sadness, hopelessness, but also longing, aggression or stormy passion come out clearly. Or in short: storm and silence, restraint and defiant will….
Elegant melodic arcs let the sunrise, gentle breathlessness lowers the pulse, emotional text presentations add a pinch of artistic extravagance and also aloofness.
Aurora sounds more introverted, progressive, playful and thoughtful, but still with a spark of yearning hope. Already Aurora I builds up dynamically, rising from the calmness a swelling acoustic wave, which attaches importance to rocky structures, rhythmic light-footedness and elegant symphonics. Calm gliding is allowed as well as expressive outbursts that transport you to a mountaintop in your mind, where sunbeams hit you, but a thunderstorm is approaching from the distance. Subtle melodies, jazzy rhythms and complex structures also find their place and so there is a lot to discover.
Whoever gets involved in these two complementary works needs a lot of time, openness and patience, but will be rewarded with detailed compositions, if the pinch of weirdness and show-like theatricality can be tolerated or appreciated.
Luna and Aurora are profound works that demand with variability and need an open ear!