SKYFORGER – Zobena Dziesma / Sword Song
Label: self-financed
Release: 2003
By: Stormlord
Rating: 8/10
Time: 47:12


URL: Skyforger

The congenial Latvians SKYFORGER release an acoustic album with Zobena Dziesma/Sword Song offering space for thoughtful as well as cheerful sentiments. It is very convenient that the band translated all their Latvian titles and lyrics to English so that fans all over the world can understand the lyrical aims.
Apart from this positive bilingual impression, the music convinces with decent beauty, because the traditional songs are dominated by wonderful chants. Oftentimes the musicians act in a shifted multi-vocal way and harmonize at best. In addition, a female voice comes into operation marginally. The instrumental accompaniment is done by acoustic guitars for most of the time, enriched and completed by different flutes and a jaw harp. Every now and then, natural background sounds underline the particular song’s atmosphere. From time to time, SKYFORGER abstain from all instruments and do only use the voice as interpretation’s media. I want to mention the wonderful performed track When The Sun Was Rising as example for this tactics. The concluding A Crested Bird Sings brings choral-like chants to the fore carrying this nice tune. Contained flute sounds round off this work in relaxed and quite reflective manner summing up the album’s overall mood felicitously.
SKYFORGER play music in very authentic way and with a lot of sure instinct on Zobena Dziesma/Sword Song. Consequently this release cares for laid-back diversion with style!