SARKOM – Aggravation Of Mind

Label: Twilight
Release: January 16  2006
By: Terrorbiozer
Rating: 9/10
Time: 61:58
Style: Black Metal
URL: Sarkom

German Black Metal band SARKOM is releasing their debut entitled Aggravation Of Mind. 8 tracks plagued with brutal Black Metal 100%. The formula is well known, blasphemy, destruction, fire and blood wrapped with crushing guitar riffs, fast paced drums, some slow changes and in this case, great gut-puking vocals.
Even though it’s their first release, SARKOM sounds great. They managed to create great music and even produce their first full length album, and I think those are huge merits for a new band.
One of the best sides of Aggravation Of Mind is that even when all the songs are longer than 4:40, you just don’t get bored. Their beats change, the riffs are great, the voice completely extreme!!! There’s no mercy!!! They will kick your ass all the way.
From the 1st track entitled Bloodstains On The Horns, and evolving on all tracks, SARKOM experiments with their music, they include slow rhythms; they go brutal again giving you no rest.
The composition is awesome, pretty much all the riffs sound cold, powerful and evil. The music even gets emotive at some point in songs like Alpha Omega, proving that SARKOM is not only good to discharge furiously, but also stating their musical vision and talent.
Aggravation Of Mind has a very interesting development, you don’t find 2 songs sounding exactly the same, but you still can perceive the relation and order. It’s great to find this kind of variation since most bands playing BM tend to repeat formulas at least in a couple of songs of their albums.
For the way SARKOM sounds and the way they produced this album, I could only add a little more distortion on the guitar, still the production is excellent and even when the music is brutal and fast you can still perceive all the instruments very well and even when sometimes the voice gets a little covered by guitars, the result is great.
As we get closer to the end of the album, the band not only keeps on trying other rhythms and changes, they even change the kind of riffs they were using. I am very impressed of how creative they are and how they know when to move and do something different.
The omnipresent influence in Aggravation Of Mind is old school Black Metal definitely, but SARKOM takes it to the next level every time leaving that old school veil in a mere influence and always achieving a sound of their own.
This band sounds awesome; they have proved their value with this debut and I fully recommend it to those who like that kind of Black Metal that tears apart from the trends, that kind of Black Metal that is still proposing something new always paying respects to the old school. Not an easy thing to find definitely.