NAHUM – And The Chaos Has Begun

Label: self-financed
Release: November 1, 2015
By: Stormlord
Rating: 7.5/10
Time: 32:35
Style: Death/Thrash Metal
URL: Nahum
A bit of technical madness, coupled with a direct attitude, lively guitar riffs, thrashy nimbleness, heroic-atmospheric guitar overtones and simple-catchy choruses - this could describe the tangy mixture of Czech troop  NAHUM.
This may sound quite complex and difficult to digest, but it is not in the end, because the musicians know very well that technique is not everything, and they let the dodgy heaviness not take over. Sometimes the band throttles the tempo to increase the dynamics considerably and unleashes the explosive trackCreator Of Emptiness with combined vocals of screeches and growls, in addition to eerie sounds, caring for alternation. Every now and then, NAHUM integrate apocalyptic sequences and double guitar duels to sum up to an overall positive impression. Short and firm tunes with blasted parts, embossed lead melodies, and throttled elements avoid boredom, but do not disperse absolute neck-breaking suspense. The Clash Of The Fury shows up with a cool combination of diabolical crawling rhythms, stomping elements and hyperactive franticness, but could last a little bit longer for all the used ideas in my opinion. Under Fire takes this extra-time and explodes through twin-guitar-duels, an unloading solo and many measure changes. Brevity is not always the best choice, guys! Finally, the musicians show all their force during the highly melodic concluding act www (World Wide War) and convince with a dramatic introduction, a lot of tappings and intense vocals - unfortunately this consumption does not last very long…
I appreciate And The Chaos Has Begun, caused by its versatility through the combination of mangy, technically complex, blasted and harmonious sounds. Sometimes I wish for a more epic approach, so that good ideas can unfold their memorable effect.