Label: Gunn Records
Release: April 27 2012
By: Dajana
Rating: 6.5/10
Time: 26:29
Style: Metalcore
URL: Epitome Of Frail

After a big sleep that almost lasted half of the band’s history (due to common line-up problems) EPITOME OF FRAIL were kissed alive and now start kicking around again with their third effort Society.
Introduced by a wonderful intro done by Olafur Arnalds, the Swabian then quickly thrash through 7 tracks. And that you can take literally as the running time ends after 26 minutes. For a regular full-length it’s definitely way too short!
Musically EPITOME OF FRAIL blend Metalcore, Hardcore with Death Metal, so every trademark of these genres can be found within: asskicking and neck-breaking grooves, heavy riffwork, pounding rhythms as well as obligatory breaks and leads. Singer Pierre Mochar screams, shouts and growls while his mates add a brutal and powerful sound. I like most the interlude Indiction and following No Answer (which again reminds me of another band).
Society is per se definitely worth listening but it is not a bit new or innovative at all. In fact this record reflects on all known bands from the scene. What you get to hear on Society you already listened to umpteen times. It seems that EPITOME OF FRAIL are totally lacking of an own style and identity music-wise, which is really a pity. Something they definitely have to work on.