CLAW – Claw
Label: Czar Of Crickets Productions
Release: October 6 2014
By: Stormlord
Rating: 8/10
Time: 52:00
Style: Thrash/Heavy Metal
URL: Claw

Post-apocalyptic visions are presented in felicitous manner by Swiss Metal quintet CLAW, including a convenient cover, booklet and lyrical concept. The music itself turns out to be acherontic, driving and diverse, oftentimes played in mid-paced style with some more speedy attacks, but also contained moments.
Singer Niko, supported by background vocalist and Lead guitarist Serge, reminds me of Dave Mustaine because of his charming twang, which fits the tunes perfectly. I have to say that CLAW definitely know how to write ear candies and catching lead guitar motives while including a nice groove to bang one’s head. I also appreciate that the band takes some time to integrate down-tempo songs like Alone, which disperses a thoughtful mood. The following composition Dawn Of A New Era offers a lot of different speeds. Touched With Fire is one of these unobtrusive earworms, which does not need tons of effects to touch the listener. Copious parts enrich the haunting atmosphere in course of Repent, additionally offering bi-vocal arrangements and unloading guitar playfulness like many other songs do. Stomping and sawing rhythms animate some neck vertebrae though CLAW tell us it is Too Late, serving another surprise with the cool and dry rocking middle-part, which augments to a rapid, sheer exploding termination. Finally, I knit my brows because of the quite poppy refrain of My Arch Enemy, but this is also a piece of this record’s complex puzzle, rounded off in uncommon and unloading style by the harsh but coevally melodic instrumental The Alphapocalypse.
CLAW does not trample down the scene with huge ballyhoo, but this debut album is enriching because of its touching fluency and richness in dynamics at the same time.