CEREBRUM – Spectral Extravagance
Label: Lacerated Enemy Records
Release: August 18 2009
By: Thrudr
Rating: 10/10
Time: 42:45
Style: Progressive Technical Death Metal
URL: Cerebrum

Ever had a feeling that you can never be surprised when it comes to new bands? Ever had the feeling that you’ve heard it all? Well this is how I felt until I stumbled on the Greek guys from CEREBRUM and their insane and yet thick as fuck material. To be really honest, the first couple of times I listened to the album I was a bit confused, due to all the influences and changes in the rhythm and pattern. Once you get into it, I can assure you won’t stop listening to it. It is a very diverse and brutal material, so if you’re looking for something in a more “traditional” way, this is not the place.
As the album states, Spectral Extravagance is the combination of extravagance of metal, having even some jazzy sound to it. The album itself was defined by their record label as Progressive Technical Death Metal, but I dare say it is a much too superficial description. While the album has some insanely fast and technical riffs, it counteracts with progressiveness clean guitars, somewhat melodic solos and mid temp groovy brakes.
For a first album the band nailed it; it’s well produced and nothing is done sloppy or even remotely superficial. The drums just blow me away, but there’s no surprise there, since the mastermind behind it, is none other than George Kollias – a drummer that needs no introduction.
Being such a diverse and dynamic album, I dare not make a detailed description of the songs and let you guys enjoy the extravagance of it all. The killer tracks that stand out are definitely: Scatter-Brain, Epiphysis Thrive and Shreds Of Remains.
Spectral Extravagance has made a mark on me and I look forward to the future of CEREBRUM, a future that looks more than promising. Check them out – it’s damn worth it!