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What’s in a name? CHAOS INVOCATION seems to say it all. This German trio of Black Metal musicians take it to the extreme. Rising like phoenixes from the ashes of hell, CHAOS INVOCATION sheds light on their mysterious existence and gives us their thoughts on Satanism and what it took to materialize the evil hymns on their triumphant new album In Bloodline With The Snake.

Sioux: Greetings. Can you give me a bit of history about CHAOS INVOCATION? Also, when did the band form and how did you decide on the name?
We firstly stirred our blood inside the ritual chalice five restless years ago. Still the pedestal of our circle is held by the same three carved and pierced soils of flesh, whose hearts pound, urged by fanaticism and ultimate madness. We never searched for a fitting name, since we started trembling on the path of snakes; we knew that this timeless journey will form an order of syllables once. In the end it must be emphasized that “Chaos Invocation” perfectly describes our way of existing. We will reign in chaos, in blood we kneel and in flames we stand till the end.

Sioux: Your album In Bloodline With The Snake is quite a masterpiece of Satanic Black Metal. How long did it take you to write the songs? What about the recording process, what do you do to get into such a mood to create the diabolic atmosphere in your music?
In Bloodline WithThe Snake only contains songs that were written between the fourth and the sixth year and even if it was created through our own hands, emotions and knowledge it changed us in a never imagined way. What we went through that time could not be easily captured in words. Some things can’t be described in a rational way. I can’t actually imagine how long we locked the doors and lived inside “The Temple Of Chains”, only fed with ecstasy of a great emotional breakthrough. I guess it was everything than harmonic or comfortable and still our bodies are affected through these truly sleepless nights full of baneful magic, rituals, meditation and praises in the rise of the eighth year when In Bloodline With The Snake was firstly banned on a sonic level. We drowned our souls in a whirl of fire and we gave hand to the burning “angels”. It took that long, because there was a time when the circle was split physically. It seemed that several medical institutes wanted to be confronted with the source of our madness. Yes, the sun of our lord shined over the day and in the nights he longed for their dreams. It was interesting to see all those people that are legitimated to work with the minds of others struggling into their own emotional gangland. There are dangerous things inside the wavering, living darkness. Then finally in the rise of this year we entered the Hellsound-Studio and rerecorded the album in only four days. Night and day seemed to be the same; it was a great chaotic invocation.

Sioux: Are you satisfied with the way the album turned out? When will we see it become available?
It was unleashed through The World Terror Committee (http://www.w-t-c.org/) at the eighth of October to fulfill your minds with death, death and death. Yes, we were satisfied when we did it, but now we are hungry again. We are currently doing the pre-record for the upcoming album that will contain several demonic injections mixed since the sixth year. Total Delirium Worship will be its essence. We tried to capture as much as possible in the music and the lyrics. You cannot imagine yet, but be warned that every tune is a step nearer to chaos.
M: The album turned out exactly as we wanted it to: As a Luciferian terror chorale! Each tune on In Bloodline WithThe Snake was played with utmost addiction; each word was turned into a psalm of the holy Lord.

Sioux: What are your views about Satanism in black metal today?
Contrary to many other bands we think that satanic fanaticism shall be the only essence of black metal. Fuck off towards all those depressive uninspired emotional wracks. SATAN IS THE ONLY TRUTH! Don’t call it black metal when you practice your so called art. We think that only a few bands take Satanism truly serious and don’t use his name to have a fundament for their easily to break image.
M: Most of the worms that call their Metal "satanic" don’t even fulfill the fundament of this movement, the searching spirit. The thirst for wisdom has to be stronger than your natural instincts. Therefore we despise these cocksucking morons who don’t even aim to step into the beyond. Through their fear of the unknown their light will never leave this earth!

Sioux: A lot of black metal bands seem to be emerging from Germany recently, it seems the scene there is a hot bed, what do you think of this? What are your thoughts on the Black Metal genre today?
Really? Well, maybe our eyes are closed and our ears are blocked in this point. There aren’t that many bands that get our attention. Harmless and burned out! The people lost their view for the things that exist in the twilight.
M: That what you call a scene is nothing more than our next victim for which we are already digging the grave.

Sioux: Listening to your album, In Bloodline With The Snake, I hear a bit of a Watain and Ondskapt influence. What bands have influenced you over the years?
What you mean is probably the atmosphere. I don’t think that we have anything in common on a musical level with both of the bands. Maybe it is the same fanaticism that forces Watain and us. We don’t want to limit our creativity and tried to channel the source of our inspiration to the mysterious forces. Well, extremists will always be compared with other extremists. So…
M: As I know A. for quite a long time now, I can say that he never had the point of view to copy somebody at all. If you ever become a witness of our live rituals, you will see that he is able to turn his guitar into an opened gate through which the faces of our Lord truly reveal. The same I can say for myself. Words are turned into morbid adulations of death. On the other hand we are rather being compared to the terrorist of Watain than to John Lennon or Mahatma Gandhi.

Sioux: Are there any future plans for a tour, either Europe or overseas? Any bands you would like to tour with?
Currently we try to build up a live line up, but it is very unsatisfying. We are bored by all those idiots in our hometown scene. It seems that they have stopped at one point in their development and aren’t interested in going further. We are hungry, but a tour is not possible yet. Our time will come and our prayers shall be sung also on your continent.

Sioux: What do you wish to accomplish through CHAOS INVOCATION’s music? Where do you see the band in five years?
Chaos and breathless death! That lies beyond our imagination.

Sioux: You are currently looking for a bass player, who handled the bass before and what do you expect from the one you choose?
The new man should fit in the circle, he should hail the name of the lord in repetition through every breath and he should achieve the powers that can be called.
M: A few months ago we had somebody, who at least tried to handle this instrument. But once the lord grasped his neck with his cold hands, his faith decayed to dust. A couple of weeks, after he had joined our circle he told us that he couldn’t handle this job anymore. Terrible nightmares seemed to haunt him, ever since he joined CHAOS INVOCATION. Obviously his pillars couldn’t carry the weight of death.

Sioux: I thank you for your time and thoughts. I shall leave the last words for you.
From the smallest to the greatest, we cast a spell on earth: DEATH!


10/2009 © Sioux Mullins • Chaos Invocation