UNHEILIG – Zelluloid

Label: Sony
Release: February 16th  2004
By: Andi
Points: 8
Time: 1:14:32
Style: Gothic Electro Rock
URL: Unheilig

Since their Das 2. Gebot record, released in April 2003, UNHEILIG are a well-known quantity in the dark scene. With Zelluloid, the German one-man project is continuing it's way towards the top of the German electro/gothic- scene, improving it's style to a new, not so electronic level.
The EBM- beats have been reduced to make room for some smoother and not so tough rhythms, at the same time the guitars don't sound like Casio anymore.
The music reaches from harder, Rammstein-like songs (Willst Du Mich, Freiheit) to pathetic and melancholic ballads like Herz Aus Eis or Mein König.
Especially Mein König is not suitable for the present summer heat, a completely sad and frustrating song, facing death as global topic. Great.
Though there is no real failure on this album, some songs don't reach the level of i.e. Freiheit or Mein König, but due to the long playing time of over one hour, you can turn a blind eye.
Check out the UNHEILIG homepage, where you'll find tons of information and also some sounds of Zelluloid.
UNHEILIG is softer than Rammstein, not so sterile like pure EBM and more credible than Oomph. So why are you waiting ?