Label: self-financed
Release: October 22, 2012
By: Stormlord
Rating: 8/10
Time: 39:29
Style: Death Metal
URL: Under Destruction

The suspense-packed intro called Rapture gives us a warm welcome to the musical world of UNDER DESTRUCTION. A while later, controlled aggression and an intensely screeched refrain show up as next brownie points during the tune Nitrogen Narcosis. Heaven Shall Burn and The Forsaken could be mentioned as reference points, because the compositions are dominated by both experiments and tenacious Thrash/Death rhythms. The partly cool stomping rhythm in course of the track Of Brass And Bones augments the necessary dynamics felicitously.
Well done so far – but it really gets interesting afterwards through the use of quite extravagant elements. Fire (Guardians Part I) convinces me with an enriching symphonic touch and the thrilling mosh-part at the song’s end. Truth - Mercy - Regret integrates special percussions, which attract my attention anew. Declaration and Memories Erode focus on one-dimensional emotions called anger and aggression, ere the epic tune Ice (Guardians Part II) offers a broader spectrum: orchestral bombast, oppressing high-speed, stomping sequences and sustained lead melodies care for persuasive alternation. In my opinion, the short and raging track Traitor appears a little bit paler, but Origin Of The Blight reconciles me with interesting measure changes, filed guitar work and at least the contained conclusion.
Sometimes, Origin shows up as just solid and good, aggressive album, which lacks of specialness. In some cases, the band breaks the conventional structures and uses juicy elements like orchestral grandiloquence or interesting percussions. These parts should be expanded in future, the potential is at hand, but more courage for risks is desirable!