TRAUMA – Archetype Of Chaos
Label: Witching Hour Productions
Release: February 26 2010
By: Stormlord
Rating: 8/10
Time: 45:09
Style: Death/Black Metal
URL: Trauma

Archetype Of Chaos starts in contained, nearly relaxed style, but the Intro (White Architect) seems to have the one and only effect to boost the heaviness of the following track Cortex Deformation. The intense work on the drums and the density in sound is typical first-class for a Polish band, but is there also a specific trademark for TRAUMA? I think that there are some unusual guitar solos and sounds, which may carry the song’s mood apart from weird rhythmic structures.

In most cases, the speed is enormously and breath-taking, but I just get surprised if apocalyptic sounds or breaks get into operation like the tribal-like intermezzo during the tune A Dying World. The intensity of this record would be tiresome without expressive contrasting elements like the hardly to notice guitar work in the background or the conjuring vocals during the track War Machine. The devil (or the zest) lays hidden, obvious direct hits like on the predecessor Neurotic Mass are missing at first contact.
I really like the oriental touch in the beginning of The Truth Murder or the short spoken word’s part, ere the dominating drum machine Arkadiusz Sinica takes the lead again. In addition, the relaxed, more direct and epic build-up of the concluding piece Destruction Of The Demented World shows up as brownie point because of its difference.

TRAUMA set their focus on the overall impression of their music. This effect is boosted by some latent details, which got one big advantage, namely the long-term-effect. Archetype Of Chaos does not unfold ist zest from the beginning on, but it offers a lot of detailed compositions holding some surprising turns.