Label: Candlelight Records
Release: March 16  2009
By: the.wangacopta
Rating: 8/10
Time: 38:30
Style: Death Metal
URL: Tardy Brothers

What should be the result if the TARDY BROTHERS stick their heads together to throw a record upon the market? Of course, Death Metal! But let’s have a look at the prehistory at first: Over the years, starting back in time with Executioner until the latest Obituary release, John and Donald Tardy committed themselves to the idea to release albums sometime with the musicians who were part of their musical history in a special way. And now in the year of 2009 it’s time! As the first of the planned records Bloodline (significantly) come into stores in the middle of March. The ones to “suffer” for line-up completing are no others than the actual Obituary axeman Ralph Santolla and Jerry Tidwell, formerly part of the original Executioner line-up! That the first dude has got talent in guitar-play is well known. But both together create a cool mix of simple and groovy riffing that doesn’t cry for highest standard and awesome guitar solos giving you a fucking blast! Nearly inescapable stamped by this mix, the Death Metal rocks as it is written for old and fragile neck cervical. Just Deep Down and Fate’s Call prick up the speed loving fan’s ear. And hell yeah, the Bloodline also pulsates by John Tardy’s non-reversible, wicked voice! A quite easy concept indeed the TARDY BROTHERS incubated. But it cracks through your marrow like a nasty, rusty borer. A keen and entertaining release!