MASSIVE ASSAULT – Dystopian Prophecies
Label: Crash Landing Records
Release: May 16 2009
By: the.wangacopta
Rating: 8.5/10
Time: 34:45
Style: Old School Death Metal
URL: Massive Assault

This review goes out to all the hobgoblins spending their annual leave in the Swedish scrub to cull their bloody steak by the power of their hands – moose meat chiefly. I would have bet my ass that MASSIVE ASSAULT dwells in Sweden. If I had bet it would be a bad deal – in the true sense of the word! The epicenter called Dystopian Prophecies has its origin in the Netherlands and rolls with a gigantic old school Death Metal wave straight to North. Definitely not bad for a band that goes hunting with Dystopian Prophecies as their first longplayer since founding back in 2003! And if old school then let’s go the whole hog! So, there’s no double-bass-plowing through the thicket or technical fancy guitar-play until the phalanges splinter in it. MASSIVE ASSAULT really knows how to transport the spirit in their songs in that way that this stuff comes close up to many old Carnage and Dismember tracks later then. The right melody-lines are chosen; the guitars saw in well-known tradition and lend Dystopian Prophecies that certain something! Ideally suited for every old school freak!