Label: STF Records
Release: June 24  2008
By: Zwiebel
Rating: 9/10
Time: 48:24
Style: True Metal
URL: Grailknights

It is the time of all evil. The mighty Dr. Skull leads his evil henchmen into battle and only the “Alliance” of the 4 GRAILKNIGHTS and their loyal fellowship can throw back the evil forces. To call this Alliance to arms, the knights remembered their skills in songwriting. The 10 hymns, except In For The Kill, should call every true metal freak with a certain sense of humor to arms. All the trademarks of MacDeath and Co. can be found on this record. Nice melodic riffs, choirs, sing-along parts and of course the necessary humor even if this feature was taken back a little bit for the benefit of better songs. So 9 out of 10 songs are brilliant. Only exception is In For The Kill, which is not bad but can not compete with Nemeless Grave, The White Raven and Grailquest Gladiators with its nice sing-along part. A special attention should be given to the vocals in the songs. From a almost shy whisper up to death growls, everything can be found. However this should not be a reason to call themselves melodic Death Metal. Structures and melodies of the songs remember far too much to bands from the true metal genre. But that doesn’t actually matter, with this record the GRAILKNIGHTS can compete in every genre. So, dogs of war: Get your weapons or do you wanna live forever?