EILERA – Precious Moment EP

Label: Spinefarm Records
Release: November 25,  2005
By: Terrorbiozer
Rating: 5/10
Time: 16:25
Style: Pop Metal
URL: Eilera

EILERA and the guitarist Loic Tezenas are now newcomers; they have recorded playing and recording albums with several metal bands such as Kalisia and Chrysalis, but soon wanted to go further.
Now the band is releasing the 4 song EP Precious Moment, a short trip full of melody and passion.
The 1st impression I had from EILERA (minding the fact that this band has been categorized as “pop-metal”) was certainly of confusion. Since the band claims to have “Celtic” influences (and includes some of those elements in the music, and at the same time they belong to a Pop-metal hybrid style, now I could never perceive the moment when they mixed all this in a successful way.
Basically, the sound of EILERA is more pop than other thing, musically speaking. They have good vocals (I could notice a tremendous influence from Bjork Gudmunsdottir in the tones and voice changes), groovy riffs and folk instruments in addition (violin and others).
Now, when an instrument like Irish violin to this kind of music, the band puts itself in a very complicated position since the result might be either great or completely out of place.
EILERA manages to mix those elements in a good way, making their songs sound rich and emotive. The problem is that they don’t achieve this level in every song, and that’s understandable at some point since (as far as I know) no other band has ever tried to combine the particular elements we hear in Precious Moment.
The music from EILERA is soothing and melodic but far from being convincing. It’s fine for the people that like bands like HIM (this EP was produced by Hiili Hiilesmaa) or Lullacry, still… I cannot deny that this project is a good attempt to create something different.