DR. ARTHUR KRAUSE – Before And After  
Label: MA Music Art
Release: February 23 2003
By: Demone
Points: 3
Time: 51:02
Style: Gothic Rock
URL: Dr. Arthur Krause
DR. ARTHUR KRAUSE show fantasy with their name – with that the three people form Sweden will win the prize for the strangest self-appellation. But unfortunately the do not show this fantasy in their music on the debut-album Before And After. The band conjures up the spirit of the good old times – and especially of the Sisters Of Mercy. Some of these songs would perfectly fit on “First & Last & Always”. This becomes already apparent on the first song Inhuman Liberty, a midtempo-track with typical 80ies-goth guitars and keyboard-sounds, and in addition a dark voice that sings in the style of Andrew Eldtrich. “Well”, you will think, one song in this manner is okay, there will be others which are more self-contained – but you will get disappointed. This won’t be changed by the fact that the songs alternate in pace: Violence has a little bit more “speed”, Fadime is more a ballad. Only Take Me Hard is different and better: It has more variations and has charm with its angry drums. But besides that this album really sounds dusty and outmoded – I would have like it in the 80ies.