Label: Dark Salvation Productions
Release: November 15,  2001
By: Empress
Rating: 9/10
Time: 49:20
Style: Death/Black/Doom Metal
URL: Darkness Eternal

Picking up after his debut album, George Valaetis' one-man project DARKNESS ETERNAL, was ready to unleash his destructive forces on the metal society with his second full-length release: Satanchrist. Progressing not only musically, but talent wise, this release proved to be more extreme, more profane, more disturbing, and brilliantly darker. Satanchrist is the album that cemented DARKNESS ETERNAL's unique sound. Catapulting DARKNESS ETERNAL's, status from underground phenomenon, to being voted best independent/unsigned band of 2002, best self-released CD, and rated number twelve in the top fifty releases of 2001-2002 by Vae Solis Webzine. Among many other praises, Canadian Assault Zine praised the release "for elevating itself to that next level separating itself from the pack of good bands to the small legion of great bands in this genre." Now undoubtedly one of the most unique and unrelenting projects in the underground metal scene, lets put it to the test. How exactly does this album rank against all the praise it’s been given? Let’s find out....

Starting up where the previous album left off, the second I put this disc in my CD Changer, I'm hooked into it. More brutal and much better recording sound make this album more directly devastating than its predecessor Dawn Of The Suffering. Without a doubt this album is a blasphemic praise to the Dark Lord, emphasized by dramatic growling, down-tuned guitars, and superb drum blasts. Track 2 Cursed To An Eternal Damnation artfully precise guitar-work, blaring into an aural attack of brutal riffs and double-bass onslaught. Track 3 Entering The World Of The Dead takes more of a black metal approach on its riffing, a bit faster and more blunt and to the point. This track is by far one of my faves off this album. Hurling a jagged spear at your soul, this album is a demonic episode of blistering guitars, gut-wrenching drum work, and brutal vocalizations. Right when the song gets to the point of being almost too brutal, it hits you in the face with a slow, clean almost doom-ish sound. Not only will this album appeal to any black or death metal fan, but even the most die-hard Doom metal fans will feel right at home with this album. A must have for any metal fans collection. This album has most assuredly lived up to the praise it has been given; by far one of the most original albums I have heard in a long time.