DARKNESS ETERNAL – Dawn Of The Suffering

Label: Dark Salvation Productions
Release: July 1,  2000
By: Empress
Rating: 8/10
Time: 50:01
Style: Black/Death Metal
URL: Darkness Eternal

1997, Canada saw the beginnings of one of the most blasphemous, dark, anti-Christian, and hateful music this semi-frozen land has ever seen. Founding and soul member George Valaetis set out to make a difference in the metal genre. Wanting to show the world his hatred for Christ and all forms of religion, he started writing some brilliantly blasphemic music devoted to the darker side of life. Three long years of piecing together bits of guitar riffs, bass lines, and drum tracks, DARKNESS ETERNAL, was ready to unleash the debut album Dawn Of The Suffering. Ten tracks of dark death metal, hinted with doom sequences, and arcane clean guitar passages. Not only has DARKNESS ETERNAL, gotten rave reviews for his first ever release around the world; but, also the band was featured on Canadian magazine Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles (BW&BK)'s compilation CD, Knuckletracks XXIV (Sept. 2000). Brutally articulated passages that poison the mind with wickedly sharp resonating destruction.

Starting off this debut is The Final Conquest, this is definitely not the final time I'm going to be rotating this disc in my CD changer. After 5 seconds I was hooked. Slower, mellower than your average black/death band, hints of doom metal are prevalent throughout this disc. Deep, growling, never faulting vocals, low-tuned guitars, clean guitar parts, and a very old school fuzzy feeling make this album an instant classic. No wonder this album got so much hype in Canada. On track 3 Mass Suicide the doom elements are really showing in this track. Maliciously decadent, this track is supremely direct in accomplishing to capture you the moment you hear it. Accented by a cleaner, slower, more desolate sound; first-class devastation. Track 7 Shadow Of The Scorned is a more straight-forward eruption of well-planned, expertly performed, dark submersion into this already awesome album. This track takes it to the next level, most definitely my favorite track off the album. Despite the cheesy, homemade graphics and the sloppy, fuzzy recording, this is an A+ album. DARKNESS ETERNAL is by-far one of the best one-man projects I have ever heard. Well done mates!