DARKNESS ETERNAL – Misanthropic Annihilation

Label: Autopsy Kitchen Records
Release: September 13,  2005
By: Empress
Rating: 9/10
Time: 56:39
Style: Death/Black/Doom Metal
URL: Darkness Eternal

Cementing itself in the metal underground, DARKNESS ETERNAL, has yet again hit us in the face with the sledgehammer of doom. Starting out in 1997, this band has skyrocketed itself to being titled one of the best self-released projects in the metal underground. After many struggles and hard-times, founding member, George Valaetis, decided it was time to take the band one step further than it has ever been before. Not only musically but also taking it to a completely different country. Hailing from Canada, George decided to move his project to the USA in order to complete its unholy trinity. Not only was the music flowing through George's dark soul after moving to the US, but something amazing was happening. After being alerted of this musical phenomenon, Autopsy Kitchen Records knocked on DARKNESS ETERNAL's door at exactly the right moment; having 9 tracks completed and ready for recording, Autopsy Kitchen quickly signed up the band to their ranks and released the latest and greatest album so far: Misanthropic Annihilation.

Demonically darker, this album is not only the best work DARKNESS ETERNAL has released, but also, the sound is by far better than the 2 previous albums. Musically matured: more direct guitars, phenomenal drum-work and a more brutal assault on the mind than ever before. This album is amazing! Track 4 For All The False Promises - how many times have we heard that the Lord died for us? Way to many times, and this track is an opus to darkness, declaring "Lord you promised us eternal life...LIES!!!". And what a statement to be said! With music dark enough and evil enough to back such an anti-Christian sentiment, this track is most definitely going to stick out in your mind. With headbang worthy riffs and tremendously brutal musicianship and blasphemic lyrics, this entire album is a must have for any fan of dark, demonic metal. Track 6 Unholy Trinity this seems to be a theme with this project. With this being the 3rd release, and most assuredly unholy music, this track is not only blasphemic in its own rights, but it is very much one of the best songs on the album, brutal and devastating. This whole album is an atrocious attack on everything sacred and clean and one of my favorite albums for the moment. Keeping in line with the DARKNESS ETERNAL sound, the songs are accented by slower, cleaner, and more beautifully arranged guitar works, later to blast right back into pure desolation. I hope the next album is as awesome as this one.