Label: Metal Blade
Release: July 10, 2015
By: Jordan
Rating: 9/10
Time: 68:31
Style: Progressive Metal
URL: Between The Buried And Me

Since their inception, BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME have been moving away from the metalcore/technical death metal sound that they started with, towards a more progressive sound with more complex lyrics and subject matters. So how were they going to continue pushing the envelope after such an intense concept album such as The Parallax II: Future Sequence? Why with a rock opera of course. Coma Ecliptic sees the guys embracing their love of bands like Queen and Pink Floyd more than ever before. True, that clean vocals, soaring guitar melodies, use of piano, and use of vocal harmonies have been a part of their music from the get go. However, it seems to be more of the main focus now. The album starts off with this right away, as seen in the opener Node, which is just a build up to the epic and uplifting The Coma Machine, which might be one of my favorite tracks that the band has ever done. From there, they move onto the electronic sounding Dim Ignition, which feels like it belongs on one of Tommy’s solo albums rather than on a BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME record. The remainder of the album shows the more complicated tracks, which demonstrate the technical ability that we are used to from the band while they continue to incorporate unique music styles and memorable melody lines. The fact that the songs flow through and blend together helps tie together the story of the album, which is about a man who is stuck in a coma, journeying through his past lives. The idea that each song represents a different life helps give off the “Twilight Zone-esque” feel that the band has previously mentioned. The album ends with Life In Velvet which is a piano reprise of The Coma Machine. This helps tie everything together and feel like a cohesive story. The band’s attention to detail is always impressive to watch and definitely puts them as one of the best current metal bands in the business. Is it the best album by the band? Probably not. Does it show the band doing what they do best and flow through in a way that is pleasing to the ear? Definitely!