BETEPAH – The Second Campaign

Label: self-financed
Release: April 1, 2015
By: Stormlord
Rating: 6/10
Time: 30:22
Style: Death Metal
URL: Betepah

Cliché olé! A tank on the cover, the band´s name BETEPAH (veteran) and lots of military symbolism – you can surely guess about the music on The Second Campaign…of course you can expect Death Metal, quite old school in direct and unadorned manner. The musicians keep miles away from experiments and therefore even the scenery in mid-paced speed with a decent groove, so that this half of an hour passes by quickly.
Fine leads can be heard in the melodic background and the good understandable vocals cares for another brownie point, in contrast to the very modern drum sound, lowering the joy in listening a bit. The quite epic way of composing lets the pieces enough space to breathe, but I wait for surprises in vain, although the tempo and the technical level is augmented noticeably during the tune Illusion of Freedom. Simple, but concise, the refrain leaves some traces in my mind, but this instance does not suffice to raise my fists in ecstasy and only benevolent toe-tapping is caused. Thus, the music oscillates between technical finesse and dry-as-a-bone grooves to invade my auditory canals nicely – and the best track Память (Memory) is saved for the finale. In this case, the partly throttled, then again whipping and clattering rhythm forces my acclamation. 
This album cares for best entertainment, caused by felicitous rhythms and a continuous melodic touch; unfortunately, the lack of turns and light-bulb-moments prevents this effort to protrude from the vast amount of “only good” troops.