AEGROR – De Morbis
Label: self-financed
Release: November 2010
By: Stormlord
Rating: 7.5/10
Time: 45:55
Style: Black/Death Metal
URL: Aegror

AEGROR not only released an album combining Death and Black Metal as fast as possible, but they care for musical and lyrical draft, dealing with all kinds of human diseases.

The band presents the music in very melodic style and I can feel the endeavour for fine lead guitar melodies. After the mystical introduction De Morbis, the variable track Yersinia Pestis marks an acoustic exclamation point: the effective riffing touches the emotional nerve centre immediately. Symphonic attachments enrich the piece in addition, enwrapped in rough and organic sound vesture. The voice oscillates between dark growls and typical Black Metal screeching. Every now and then, the speed is throttled for a while and measure changes attach a complex touch. The finishing part foreshadows catchy and groovy nuances, but ends abruptly.
Inner Warfare and Last Man Sane glow through the continuous high-class guitar work, some technical finesses show up and consequently AEGROR do not miss out alternation.
The downright masterpiece follows with the epic composition Plaguebreeder. During the nine minutes playing time, everything turns out to be felicitous: the dynamics, chords to bang one’s head, the groove, the hooks…a nice example for extreme music with class!
Easy-going the crew gallops on with the melodic Resurrection, which counts with depressed rhythms and interesting guitar techniques. The partly stomping track The Scourge blasts heftily from time to time and offers nice contrasts, but seems to be more cumbrous and clumsy, ere the auditory canals get knotted by complex rhythms during the concluding piece The Creature Inside.

De Morbis shows different faces: the album is melodic, technical and complex; it offers slightly dissonant and hard to digest sounds as well as beautiful melody arcs and catchy chords. This dynamic alternation leaves the impression of an ambitious release with long term effect!