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2012-06-21 DE – Essen - Turock

Woah… I really have no idea when I saw OBITUARY playing live last time. It must have been ages ago. I mean it’s not that those Florida death metallers wouldn’t tour (live here at Turock in 2010 for example). Seems I just missed them all the years due to work and other obligations. However, so I was looking forward even more to see them finally again ;)

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Once again I hit the roads towards the Turock Club Got sort of a permanent ticket for this club this month (will stop by 2 more times) *lol* Last week during Death Angel’s show it was already to hear that the ticket pre-sale was very successful. Last night’s show in Siegen was sold out. Seems like we will get in a packed and cuddly atmosphere.

Okay, only two bands tonight made everything going easier. Pinches of sun and rain-free moments kept quite a lot people outside in the beer garden. Though :: DUST BOLT :: entered stage on time at 8 pm to play their last of five support shows with Obituary. And these Bavarian Thrash Metal newcomers were downright hot. DUST BOLT play fast and burst of energy. They are modern but old school at the same time. Pretty awesome anyway. They go down well. Not only here at the Turock club. The cats freshly signed to Napalm Records for the release of their debut album Violent Demolition out on July 27, where they played most of the songs from. And the album title you can almost take literally. DUST BOLT leave nothing but scorched earth, so to say ;) Great show of a band much to expect from in the future.
Setlist: Into Madness, Violent Abolition, Pleasure On Illusion, Toxic Attack, March Thru Pain, Children Of Violence, Shattered By Reality, Deviance

The show was hardly over and the Dust Bolt EP sold out. Wow. I was just looking for a nice OBITUARY shirt, but nothing there I’d liked. Regarding the stage plan :: OBITUARY :: were set to play a 100 minutes show, from 9.15 to 11 pm. How great is that? Well… Duh! The regular set only took 45 minutes. With the break, drum solo and the encore they made it up to 62 minutes or so. Way too short if you ask me! Okay, it was really hot in the club and it visibly took its toll as these guys are old geezers. But they did not cut their setlist; it was that short right from the beginning. Well, there actually was no setlist at all as OBITUARY never have one and just play what they want more or less spontaneously.
I missed guitar player Ralph Santolla, who was released from the band to fight his (alcohol) demons. Too bad, because a second guitar wouldn’t have done any harm. On bass we had Terry Butler (Massacre, ex 6FU/Death). Despite the short set almost all classics were played giving us a great time. Yes, we had a blast!
After the show OBITUARY did not vanish into the backstage area but talked to the fans, signed CDs and got photographed. These dudes are too lovely. Too bad we got swept off the club so quickly. Oh, by the way, what about a new album any time soon?
Setlist: Redneck Stomp, On The Floor, Internal Bleeding, List Of Dead, Blood To Give, Chopped In Half, Turned Inside Out, Dying, Threatening Skies, By The Light, Find The Arise, (Dethroned Emperor?), The End Complete, Slow Death // drum solo, ‘Til Death, Evil Ways, Slowly We Rot


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