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2014-08-21-23 AT – Spital am Semmering

An Act Of Treachery - Aborted - Belphegor - Bloodliner - Darkfall - Days Of Loss - Disastrous Murmur - Fallen Utopia - Grave - Groteskh - Heathen Foray - Insision - Irdorath - Kampfar - Keep Of Kalessin - La Resistance - Malevolent Creation - Mastic Scum - Mortal Strike - Nargaroth - Nervecell - Noctiferia - Norikum - Pain Is - Poppy Seed Grinder - Ranz - Ravenous - Seduced - Senntus - Sodom - Squirtophobic - Svarta - Tulsadoom - Varulv - Vinegar Hill

Sometimes they return – and many regular guests (and those, who want to become one of those) are thankful to Thomas Spiwak and his crew that this event takes place anew! Everyone likes the wonderful landscape in the midst of the scenic mountainside, homey and straightforward in its dimensions. Concerning the musical program, I like the well-balanced mixture of local bands and international acts. This festival breathes both the flair of the underground and professionalism in regard to organization and stage technique. Consequently, we look forward to a smooth festival experience. Hats off and thanks to all participants – organizers and fans!

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• Very fair prices regarding merchandise and catering
• Security: hearty, really jocular right in time
• Crew: like a family
• The acceptance on the part of locals
• Smooth program flow
• Felicitous stage technology and sound


• The visitors‘ handling with nature – the wonderful landscape will collapse caused by THIS amount of waste – take the offered trash bag next time, ok?!
• Partly missing illumination



story © Leo