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2012-02-10 DE – Oberhausen - Turbinenhalle

Cannibal Corpse - Behemoth - Legion Of The Damned - Misery Index - Suicidal Angels - Nexus Inferis

You survived Neckbreaker’s Ball? And you survived Hatefest? Perfect! There is a new chance to bang your head off ;) Once again bagged and presented by Rock The Nation the next deadly missile dubbed FULL OF HATE TOUR 2012 got started, bringing the who is who of international Death/Thrash and Black Metal elite to your town.

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A six-band package of course means an early beginning and a long night. No prob. Luckily they did not let two tours collide for a festival as they did in December. Though, the evening at Turbinenhalle, Oberhausen, did not go the way I expected. First, the owner of this area obviously wants to make much more money and now demands 3 Euro for parking. Funnily, a parking lot attendant told me that the owner has now to pay more for their salary as getting in with the fees… The owner seems to be an ass in calculating. And I guess residents around (and a fast-food temple) will be much enthused to see all the people parking on unauthorized places around.
Second, I missed the first band. When I arrived, on time, :: NEXUS INFERIS :: had already finished their, so it was said, 30 minutes show. So, they did not kick off at the announced time and, of course, played for just a handful of people. These kind of happenings make me… angry! I call that to “burn” support bands. I would now like to know if the British Industrial Black/Death metallers are one of those poor blithers who had to pay for the “honor” to play an empty hall…

It did not look so much better when Greece Thrash commando :: SUICIDAL ANGELS :: entered the stage. The hall was slowly filling and bloody cold. The ground was frozen. It was even worse in the entrance hall with the merch. Temperatures were ranging on zero-point, literally as well as allegorical. My warmest sympathy for the girls behind the merch.
Anyway, SUICIDAL ANGEL tried to fire the crowd with their Slayer-like brand of Thrash Metal. It normally works fines. Especially as these gents are much likeable too. But to be honest, I have seen band and crowd and a more lively mood…
Setlist: Bleeding Holocaust, Apokathilosis, Face Of God, The Pestilence Of Saints, The Lies Of Resurrection, Final Dawn, Moshing Crew

Next up are Baltimore based Grindcore-deather :: MISERY INDEX :: The hall is filling up and the audience gets willingly in mood. Much warmer meanwhile it did not get. Nor did we get much light. Well, it did not do any harm to the show ;) And me thinks we got two brand new songs presented. I mean, the band’s last record Hairs To Thievery dates back on 2009, so time is so ripe for something new ;) Yes, this show was a real pleasure. And the dudes in the middle of the moshpit definitely did not freeze anymore. Damn… I got the wrong place…
Setlist: (new?), The Carrion Call, Partisans Of Grief, You Lose, The Spectator, (new?), The Great Depression, The Illuminaught, Traitors

Lights at least have been much better at the :: LEGION OF THE DAMNED :: show. Visually. Fronter Maurice introduced “new” guitarist Twan van Geel, who joined in May 2011 replacing Richard Ebisch. Most songs originate from LOTD’s debut Malevolent Rapture, which got re-released today, in memory of late LOTD bassist Twan Fleuren. The show ws ok and the crowd screaming for a wall of death (dunno why) the following Son Of The Jackal would have been perfect for. But I did not see any wall anyway…
Setlist: Legion Of The Damned, Death’s Head March, Bleed For Me, Pray And Suffer, Son Of The Jackal, Malevolent Rapture, Werewolf Corpse, Night Of The Sabbath, Cult Of The Dead, Taste Of The Whip

Time has come for :: BEHEMOTH :: and I was much looking forward. And I have to state: BEHEMOTH are still truly mighty. After battling leukemia fronter Nergal still looks pretty thin, sort of fragile. I just hope he does not burn the candle at both ends with such exhausting tour. But Nergal is sparkling and brimming with energy. Light show was awesome, much atmospheric, and almost every song introduced with an intro during which the band went behind the stage to drink more blood, get new masks and whatever they had to do there. Yes, stunning show. Maybe a little bit overdone, but great, and with an abrupt end. Again an intro… waiting… nothing happens… lights on – change over. Ok, the intro was an official outro; the same as on CD (thanks Jana ;)). BEHEMOTH went musically back to their very first EP And The Forests Dream Eternally, generally they played a lot of very old songs. Fans should have been happy after this show ;)
Setlist: Ov Fire And The Void, Demigod, Moonspell Rites, Conquer All, The Thousand Plagues I Witness, Alas Lord Is Upon Me, Decade Of Therion, At The Left Ov God, Slaves Shall Serve, Chant for Ezkaton 2000 e.v., 23, Lucifer

In the end… :: CANNIBAL CORPSE :: Long time no see. Party san 2010 I think. In fact I was thrilled to see them again but I also was very glad that the show came to an end. In the meanwhile I was frozen to the marrow. CANNIBAL CORPSE’ new album Torture will be released in March but we were granted with 2 brand new songs (Demented Aggression, Scourge Of Iron). Well, I’d lie if I say that the new ones sound innovatively different ;) Nobody wants… Apart from that the band played through their entire history with many old classics. Great! *sighs* If someone obeyed the law to bang the head off than Mr. Corpsgrinder. The rest of the band at least did not fall any short ;) I got blown away. A worthy headliner, indeed! So, and now off. Defrosting and torturing my car heater while driving home. Worked out… ;)
Setlist: Evisceration Plague, The Time To Kill Is Now, Death Walking Terror, Demented Aggression (neu), Scourge Of Iron (neu), I Cum Blood, Sentenced To Burn, Fucked With A Knife, Pit Of Zombies, Priests Of Sodom, Unleashing The Bloodthirsty, Make Them Suffer, Devoured By Vermin, A Skull Full Of Maggots, Hammer Smashed Face, Stripped, Raped, And Strangled


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