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Bursting out of this world of musical diversity comes five outlandishly varied guys whom have joined all talents and imagination together to create this uniquely powerful band called ADJACENT TO NOTHING. Within every song and action these guys make lies aptitude and creativity, so when I got the chance to hang out with ADJACENT TO NOTHING a while I was rather pleased to speak with them about their music and themselves. These five different aspects (that strangely enough are quite diverse) inner correlate themselves together for a great time and an exciting mix. Being rather impressed with such a solid and ravishing album, this was a rather exciting moment to learn and experience where their music was stemming from.

Stacie: First and foremost, congratulations on an exceptional album. How does it feel to finally have this material released?
Well, we are definitely pleased with what we’ve put out on Enfermo. The thing is that we’ve been writing such great songs since this release, that it feels like we’ve progressed to the point that what we just put out already needs to be updated.

Stacie: Where did the name ADJACENT TO NOTHING come from and what does it represent for your band?
The name "Adjacent To Nothing" came from a conversation we had several years back as we were trying to come up with a name to represent the sound we had. We were tossing out names that sounded kinda cool and "equal to nothing" was one of them. But since we strive to have more of an intelligent approach to our music, "Adjacent" sounded much more appropriate and just seemed to have that edge we try to incorporate into our music. Honestly it doesn't really hold a lot of deep meaning to us other than we feel that our songs are singular and we want that to be the focus, not the band or it's look or it's name. We'd rather let our songs take the focus and have us be like nothing. We're about writing and performing good solid songs, songs that make you feel something, songs that mean something.

Stacie: With the many switches in the band’s line up, how do you feel the music has been effected and how does your fans react you the new members?
This line up is making better and more emotional music than we ever have. Our music now is slightly more complex and progressive, but sill makes you bob your head, and our fans love our new member (Jake). Everybody does, he’s a social butterfly.

Stacie: Do you feel this line-up change will be successful?
YES! There’s a great vibe we’ve got going on right now. This is the line up that finally feels right. No one is expendable or replaceable. So knock on wood.

Stacie: How does it feel to have shared venues with such legends as Type O Negative, Pissing Razors, Ill Nino, Drowning Pool, Flaw, and others?
It is an honor. These are bands that we listened to before ADJACENT TO NOTHING was even thought of. We appreciate the opportunity to share the stage with them. At the risk of sounding cocky it has helped us to realize that we can hold our own with just about anyone.

Stacie: For being local to Utah, how has your responses been from larger musicians and bands that have played with you guys on a show?
Everybody has to start somewhere, and most of the bigger acts remember that and have been very hospitable to us. Some have even let us on the tour bus with them to hang out and give us pointers and insight. Some have even continued correspondence with us afterwards. Some of them have even given us props at shows. It’s pretty cool to hear someone you look up to and have listened to for years mention to a screaming crowd that they appreciate your band in particular.

Stacie: If you could pick, who would be on you ‘dream list’ bill to go on tour with?
Tool, Metallica, Black Sabbath
Dan: Soulfly
Cam: Tool, Korn, Slipknot

Stacie: Who would you say you have gained influences from, who does you music resemble in various ways?
Tool, Korn, Deftones, Mudvayne
Spencer: We all have different influences, but I don’t think our sound really takes after any particular one band. For example:
   Cam grew up on death metal, but currently is a diehard Slipknot fan. Yet his sound is all his own. Jake has influences more in the In Flames, Dream Theater and Lacuna Coil, but try and tell me whom he sounds like when he’s going off on the crazy shit he can do. He is his own sound.
   When I first picked up the guitar, I was very influenced by Metallica, Pantera, and Rage Against The Machine, but after a while of writing\playing your own songs you start to develop your own unique sound as an instrumentalist. Of course I’m on the bass now, so I just try to come up with dark grooves and shit that makes you either wanna shake your ass, or kill something.

Stacie: Any plans for a world or Northern American tour? Or any plans for larger shows?
Hell yes! As soon as we can get a decent deal landed, I’m sure we’ll tour all over the US. We want to tour the entire world. That will come when the exposure and money to do so does.

Stacie: How do you feel your band image (for being very eclectic and different) effects your fan base and music?
If they haven’t heard us before, they don’t know what to expect when we hit the stage, so they become intrigued. It’s kinda funny because we’ve had people come up to us and tell how they were taken off guard because they would see Mike get onstage and they thought he was a roadie doing mic checks, and then he let’s out one of his brutal screams as we start our 1st song. We each have our own style visually and musically, but the music is always the main focus.

Stacie: I heard a rumor that Kenny G was an influence on the band… What would your response to this be?
Sure, he inspires us not to make sappy and shitty music and provides some anger for us. All kidding aside, though, mainstream music is in a sad sad state and it does actually anger us that some of the shit is passed off on the radio and MTV as music. So we strive to make something worth listening to.

Stacie: What are the bands plans for the future?
Get signed, put out a killer CD, go on a worldwide tour, and make a big dent in the industry. Personally, I want to drink beer and party in every country, just to say that I did.
Dan: I’d really like to be responsible for putting good Hard Rock and Metal back in the place it should be in the industry. There are too many shitty substitutes for good music that are getting all the exposure, while the good stuff gets bypassed.

Stacie: What does such musicians as yourself do in spare time or for fun besides jam? Any side projects?
what’s this spare time you speak of? Just kidding. I really like playing computer games, especially war and strategy ones like Age of Empires, or Rise Of Nations. I even have a friend who is putting together an ATN video game for us to sell at shows. It’ll be a Street Fighter type game where you can pick anyone in the band and our crew as your fighter.
Jake: Wake Boards and girls. Lots of girls. Preferably 18+.
Cam: Outdoorsy things (fishing\camping\hunting), partying, good times, and lots of sex.
Mike: Poker Tournaments. I do quite well in those.

Stacie: How would you describe ADJACENT TO NOTHING to those who haven’t taken a listen?
Well, we do have our own sound, but each song has it’s own sound\vibe\message to it. I’d say the best way to describe our music is that we use varying degrees of brutality and beauty to describe how we feel about something… whether that be that be brought to life by a guitar, bass, drum, vocal sound, or the absence of these.

Stacie: For all of you, what’s one CD in your player right now?
Spencer: HED pe
Jake: Tech N9ne
Cam: Slipknot
Mike: Lords Of Acid

Stacie: For the ladies reading this, do share who is involves and who is not?
Semi involved, but available (depending on who you ask)
Dan: Involved
Spencer: Involved, she’s HOT!
Jake: I’ll take as many women as possible, please.
Cam: Bring on the ladies.

Stacie: Mike, for being the handsome front man, do you have a problem with selling your looks to get a new fan base or for promotional matters?
I don’t know if I should even take this question seriously or not, so I will respond as follows. I would have no problem with it. I think prostitution is acceptable. There’s much more integrity in it that a career such as a lawyer, car salesman, or insurance adjuster. Plus it would all go to a good cause like feeding the starving children in Africa. Most of them are Cam’s anyway (that’s a joke by the way)

Stacie: Any final comments?
We sincerely appreciate our fans.
Spencer: If you’ve seen us live, then you know why you’ll see us again. For those who haven’t seen us live yet, come and see why they will.

Thank you for the chance to catch up with you, I hope to see you on tour very soon!


8/2004 © Stacie Kirby • Adjacent To Nothing